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Andrew Silberberg

Andrew Silberberg
Andrew Silberberg is a Solutions Consultant at Inventus, LLC. He works directly with both corporate and law firm clients to implement defensible, technology enabled document analysis and review in connection with litigation, bankruptcies, EPA, FTC, FINRA, SEC, DOJ and internal investigations. Mr. Silberberg has successfully assisted multiple AMLAW 100 firms through the Electronic Discovery Reference Model with cost benefit consulting, forensic collections, culling, processing, hosting all the way through to trial.
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Geeking Out: A Personal Journey to A Career in Technology

Posted 01/19/17 5:38 PM by Andrew Silberberg

In 1999, my father took me to Macworld in San Francisco. Being more of a sports enthusiast and less of the techie type, I reluctantly agreed to the five-hour drive north. Wouldn’t I be completely out of my element? My sports heroes certainly wouldn’t be there. Would other attendees, those who do love technology, be able to spot my outsider status?


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