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eDiscovery project management: Going from good to great

Posted 03/31/20 2:55 PM by Sarah Brown

What makes a good legal project manager? You take it for granted that they are knowledgeable, but they must also have good communication skills, be flexible, approachable and personable.


The ability to be consultative, to build a strong working relationship with clients, and to truly care about the person on the other end of the phone is what makes the difference between a "good" project manager, and a "great" project manager.



Getting excited about legal technology


A good project manager will be able to convey real excitement about uncovering responsive documents as quickly as possible, using the technology most suited to the job. Furthermore, that project manager will be able to explain the various technology that can speed the process to the client in such a way as the client is excited about what the technology can do for them, too.


Electronic discovery evolves: From email threading to active learning


As technology advances, so too do project managers' deep understanding of the latest tools available to help litigants uncover the documents they need, as quickly and accurately as they can. One challenge they face is staying up to date with technology, and ensuring their clients can keep up with them as new technologies come to market, and mature.


What makes a great eDiscovery project manager?


Learn more about what makes a great eDiscovery project manager by watching this video featuring Megan Rowland, Project Management Team Lead:


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