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Five Ways a Digital Caddy Can Help Your E-discovery Game

Posted 08/26/16 8:14 PM by Tony Scavera

 In a lot of ways, e-discovery is like golf: the pressure is on, the rules are confusing, equipment can be expensive, and penalties are severe. Professional golfers don’t compete without caddies, and neither should corporate legal departments.

1. Understanding the Rules: Just as golf caddies 

understand the intricacies (sometimes interpretations) of the rules of golf, e-discovery service providers (or digital caddies) understand the regulations that keep your business in bounds and compliant with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. And make no mistake, this knowledge is extremely valuable. If you think an out of bounds penalty can ruin your day on the golf course, consider the reaction from the Board of Directors when you have to tell them you were sanctioned because you failed to properly preserve data.

2. Course Management: Golf caddies assess all the dangers on the course: out of bounds stakes, water hazards, bunkers, false fronts, gopher holes, and any other obstacles that could lead to higher scores. By assessing these risks on each stroke, caddies can advise you on which shot will be most likely to yield the lowest score. E-discovery caddies do the same thing, assessing each element of the legal discovery process and identifying the risks of each action. This includes collection/preservation strategies, culling methodology, foreign language translations, as well as analytics and managed review options to meet tight production deadlines.

Quality e-discovery caddies have been around the block enough times to know where the hidden hazards lay, and leveraging their expertise and technology helps keep you in the short stuff and puts you in a position to win.

3. Prepared for Success:  You wouldn’t take a shot on the golf course without first making sure your golf club is ready to do what you ask of it, right? Just as golf caddies clean the clubs, wipe the grips, and tighten the ferrules, e-discovery caddies make sure that all the tools are ready to go when you need them. They handle the hardware and software investments, custom developments, updates, network security, infrastructure audits, numerous data security certifications, and they employ their own internal resources to truly offer 24/7 support for the tools. 

No professional golfer scrapes the dirt out of his/her own clubs during a competitive round, and e-discovery caddies make sure you don’t have to break a sweat managing your e-discovery infrastructure. With digital caddies handling all of this work behind the scenes (and absorbing the expense and risk of privileged data management), your attorneys can focus their efforts entirely on the legal merits of a case.

4. Personalization: Great caddies learn their golfer’s unique characteristics, habits and preferences, and use that information to put their golfer in a position to be at their best on every shot. Some golfers can hit the high draw around the camera tower, but others need help deciding to punch up to their sweet spot and then throw a dart at the pin. Similarly, e-discovery caddies quickly learn where the legal team’s strength/expertise lies, and cater to the inherent skill sets by providing the workflows, training, and resources that best compliment the team. The end result of this personalization is a dedicated discovery partner that can optimize your legal processes, improve efficiency, and keep you out of the rough.

5. Sinking the putt: Above all else, e-discovery caddies are pros at putting you in position to sink a putt. After your gear has been cleaned, your strategy has been defined, and your data discovery ball is in position, your trusty caddy will line you up to sink the putt. E-discovery vendors provide a level of expertise and experience that most outside counsel cannot provide.  If safer and more secure data management and reduced costs are your goal, reach out to an e-discovery provider who can partner with your business. With their help, you’ll never be far from the green.

Why Inventus’ is caddying for so many corporate legal teams:

Professional caddies have one yardage book for each course that contains every tidbit of information they have accumulated about every blade of grass on that course.  They go back to this book to pull information from previous rounds, and use it to lower scores going forward.  Similarly, Inventus has the ability to repurpose data processing and work product across matters, significantly reducing the overall spend on discovery.  Check out information about our M3 solution here: 





Tony Scavera

About The Author

Tony Scavera is a Solutions Consultant in Inventus’ Seattle office, with a wicked golf habit. He has spent the last 8+ years working alongside corporate legal teams and their outside counsel, leveraging technology to mitigate risk and drive down discovery costs.


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