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Heralding Spring

Posted 03/14/16 4:19 PM by John Gengo

We are closing in on that time of year again.  Here in the Northeast, the trees start to bud, the birds return and we all finally shed our heavy coats.  Sidewalks are filled with joggers, bikers, and families out for a stroll.  Yes, Punxsutawney Phil and the crew at Gobbler’s Knob gave us great news that an early spring is upon us (hat tip to Staten Island Chuck for confirming the news), but the greatest harbinger of spring, for some, is March Madness. 

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is an exciting time that begins with “Selection Sunday”, a day filled with elation for the chosen and despair for those who have found their bubbles have burst. 

After Selection Sunday, the talking heads of the sports world will make their cases for why a team will make it or fizzle out.   The office bracket pools will be the talk of the week until round 2 when most people realize they only have 2 final four teams left.  Some iteration of David will once again slay a Goliath and school pride will exude from adults who tend to avoid the dinner time fundraiser call from their alma mater. 

This year seems a little different.  No one seems truly dominant.  Six different teams have held the number one ranking this year.  The probable number 1 draft pick, Ben Simmons from LSU, will probably not make it to the big dance.  Kentucky has 8 losses.  Duke has 9.  Nobody gets a trophy at the beginning of the year. 

The eDiscovery market looks a lot like the run up to the tournament this year.  Goliaths have already fallen and there are plenty of Davids looking to pounce, but can they break through?  The fact is that the lowest seeded team to ever win the tournament was a number 8 seed (1985 Villanova).  Some of the Davids in the eDiscovery market will be swallowed up through consolidation.  Others will fall off due to lack of size and scope or an inability to reach security standards. 

As I once again pray that my beloved Friars will just make it past the first round, I am much more confident in my other team.  Inventus is one of the largest Relativity providers in the world and holds the distinction of having all our data centers certified global orange level best in service.   We have 16 locations globally and have performed reviews in 19 jurisdictions and in 21 languages.  I like our chances.

Go Friars!


John Gengo

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