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Technology and the People

Posted 11/22/16 2:36 PM by Will Patterson

In a world of ever changing and evolving technology, our daily lives are inundated with the latest and greatest of what is the fastest and most efficient. While on my last trip to San Francisco I paused for a moment and couldn’t help but notice all the technology being developed and used around me. People were talking about the newest iPhone, devices with voice recognition, and cars that drive and park themselves. Even my Lyft driver pulled up in front of me in the busiest part of the Financial District and said “William?”  I jumped in, and without having to say a word about where I was headed or stop to pull out cash to pay, I was at my hotel and headed to my room.  Fast, efficient, and with no transaction at the press of a button – brilliant!  In many ways this technological phenomenon has also boiled over into our e-Discovery world. In a somewhat slow adopting industry, the advances in technology are much needed, however this has also caused a bit of fear that this advancement in technology may one day replace jobs and take careers.

Since its initiation, Inventus has cultivated relationships from the ground up by listening to our client’s needs, and we have been at the forefront of creating technology and workflows that provide much needed solutions to common issues.  Our Luminosity Ecosystem, which consists of a slew of technology driven software, give our team a strong advantage over the competition. In a very highly competitive market, our best-in-breed technologies and our proprietary workflows, such as our early case assessment tool inVerito, Privilege Log Generator, and our Multi Matter Management workflow, help reduce cost by maximizing the overall efficiency within the discovery phase on a matter. 

While Inventus is at the forefront of e-Discovery technology, we still understand that it is our people that matter most. Our clients need for the human aspect is why we continue to search and employ only the very best. Accountability, or what I like to refer as One Throat to Choke, is also a high priority and assures our clients that someone is on the hook while overseeing their matter. I hang my hat on the fact that I’m a solutions consultant who can’t be replaced by technology.

Inventus is a well oiled machine of knowledgeable employees working together to bring our diverse array of clients superior service and bottom line results.  Starting with our Solutions Consultants, who are some of the most tenured associates in the business, our team is dedicated and passionate about getting favorable results for our clients as well as educating them along the way. In addition to our very seasoned sales team Inventus is armed with, and leans heavily on, our Project Management team. Our project managers  work side by side with our clients during the lifecycle of a matter. The majority of our PM team have their JD and are very familiar with corporate and law firm hours, workflows and needs. It is absolutely necessary that both Consultants and Project Managers are knowledgeable, seasoned, and proactive in this high stakes, fast pace industry.       

In the e-Discovery world both technology and people are imperative.  You can’t have one without the other and hope to be successful. Very much like Lyft, who had the technology, but needed the drivers to succeed, Inventus has developed the latest and greatest technology, but it is our veteran consultants that take it to market and our project managers that support it. Most e-Discovery companies have the technology at their fingertips but lack when it comes to the people educating and supporting it. `In a world where people are always trying to compete by having the best technology, the best people will always win.


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Will Patterson

About The Author

Will Patterson is a Solutions Consultant at Inventus. He has more than five years of experience in the legal and e-discovery industries, and has a BA in Communication from San Diego State.


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