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Diversity in the Legal Profession: From Rhetoric to Reality

Posted 03/4/20 8:30 PM by Inventus

Despite what can feel like major wins in diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in recent decades, current statistics paint a bleaker picture:

  • • More than 88% of lawyers in the U.S. are white
  • • Of managing partners at law firms, only 4% are women
  • • 96% of law firms state that their highest paid partner is male
  • • In major law firms, only 3% of associates and less than 2% of partners are black

In this webcast, you’ll hear from leading lawyers who are breaking new ground and implementing innovative programs at law firms and multinational corporations all over the world to erase biased hiring and professional practices.

You’ll learn:

  • • Visionary approaches to closing the diversity gap in the legal profession
  • • Common pitfalls to understand and avoid
  • • Best practices for creating a culture of awareness, accountability, and support for diversity initiatives
  • • Making the case for inclusion: Identifying and overcoming internal challenges
  • • Real-life success stories of groundbreaking legal teams on the leading edge of diversity
  • Speakers:
  • • Kamaka Martin, Director, Project Management, Inventus
  • • Effie Sahihi, Senior Legal Project Manager, Legility


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