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MCC: Late Case Assessment

Posted 08/23/17 3:00 PM by Thom Siblo

Learn now about the enhanced process for vetting early (and late) case assessments seamlessly. As the world transitioned from the paper to the electronic discovery phase, early case assessment became more the act of examining data before starting formal discovery. You won't want to miss Inventus' Thom Siblo's insight on the matter, as a team-lead at Inventus he's handled 100's of matters during his seven years managing e-discovery projects.


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Thom Siblo

About The Author

Thom has acted as lead PM on well over 100 matters during his seven years managing eDiscovery projects. He routinely serves as the lead PM on many of Inventus’ critical client projects for our clients—most of which are high-stakes government investigations or civil litigation. He worked for Stroz Friedberg prior to joining Inventus and is licensed to practice law in New York.


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