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Al Sisemore

Al Sisemore
Al Sisemore joined Inventus in September of 2015. He has over 9 years of experience in Legal Technology and has held various positions with some of the leading providers including Epiq Systems, Encore Discovery Solutions and Framework Software. Al's industry experience includes Project Management as well as Business Development - providing a rare combination of professional sales experience as well as a strong eDiscovery technical background. As Director of Business Development, Al works with both Corporate and Law Firm clients to identify efficient and effective eDiscovery workflows to help reduce cost and mitigate risk
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Service Still Plays a Role

Posted 04/15/16 7:05 PM by Al Sisemore

Service… It’s a simple word we all know and have used thousands of times in the past. However, for many of us, service is more than a word. As consumers, we attach an adjective to it (terrible, average or great) and it will be an important factor when deciding how or where we spend our money. We consider it when choosing a restaurant for the evening or where to buy a new automobile, which stores we shop at or which airlines we decide to fly. For most consumers, I would guess that it plays a critical role in our decision-making process.

Are We There Yet? A Managed Services Road Trip

Posted 08/26/15 5:12 PM by Al Sisemore

“Managed Services” has been part of the eDiscovery conversation for several years now. The concept is sound and in theory it seems to make a lot of sense for corporations and law firms as a way to reduce eDiscovery-related costs and build budget predictability. There are many flavors of managed service offerings and in some cases, service providers have the ability to create custom solutions based on specific needs.

Social Media and e-Discovery

Posted 05/6/15 6:39 PM by Al Sisemore

Social media is everywhere and for most of us, it’s part of our daily lives. Whether it’s posting a new picture to Facebook, following someone’s Twitter feed or using LinkedIn to grow professional networks, most of us have used social media in one aspect or another. It’s also safe to say that now, more than ever, businesses are leveraging social media for a variety of reasons, including marketing and customer support.


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