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Alex Jacobs

Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs works with law firms and corporations to drive down litigation costs through technology solutions and progressive workflow designs. He has worked for various consulting firms and also inside of law firms on cases ranging from large commercial construction litigation to FCPA investigations, giving him a unique perspective on how to manage large volumes of data while minimizing cost and risk exposure.
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The Singularity is Near, But Not Just Yet

Posted 08/11/16 6:35 PM by Alex Jacobs

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  - Mother Teresa

Much has been said about how technology is going to disrupt the practice of law. While there have been many advancements to date, a promise of new software on the horizon always creates a paradigm shift in how attorneys manage litigation. In the very reactive business of litigation, thinking ahead and trying to be proactive can be challenging.


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