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Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer
With over thirteen years’ experience and various certifications achieved (Certified E-Discovery Specialist: CEDS, Relativity Certified Sales Professional: RCSP) within the discovery management industry, Andrew Bayer is dedicated to providing experience-based insight into the consultation and strategy deployment of eDiscovery management protocols. With a focus on risk mitigation and cost reduction through technology-enabled workflows, Andrew is helping corporate and outside counsel clients recognize upwards of 50% cost reduction on their discovery related expenditures. He remains devoted to new market and corporate client development while attending to a vast array of current clients spanning across a wide variety of industrial sectors and law firm profiles. Additionally, he is a frequent speaker and presenter on discovery management theory and best practices at any number of eDiscovery conferences and/or legal organizations and is recognized as a subject matter expert in the field of eDiscovery.
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Posted 12/6/17 5:28 PM by Andrew Bayer

At the time of authoring this blog post, I’m quickly approaching my 14th year within the eDiscovery industry – a feat that is equal parts remarkable and startling, given the tumultuous environment that we have witnessed the last several years. Over the course of my tenure within this highly competitive, extremely tenuous and (yet) rewarding space, I have seen my fair share of personal and professional success stories. However, for each of the triumphs that I’ve been a witness to I have also been witness to significant failures. Throughout it all, myself and many other eDiscovery professionals have proudly dedicating our careers to a common noble purpose: selling the best eDiscovery services possible to a wide arrange of in-house and outside counsel consumers. The difference between success and failure, in terms of achieving this noble purpose, resides wholly within one’s ability to actually deliver upon this promise – something that requires evolving with the industry and acting on behalf of the consumers who have placed their faith in you.

A New Year Resolution: Real-Time Insight into Your eDiscovery Spend

Posted 01/21/16 5:22 PM by Andrew Bayer

With the New Year well underway, it’s abundantly clear that 2016 is going to be different and that this is the year that people will actually accomplish their resolutions.  The gyms are already packed; organic foods are flying off the shelves of local grocery stores; nicotine patch manufacturers are witnessing a spike in revenue; this really must be the year that change will occur and not just occur but last!  Well, I hate to be the naysayer here but history indicates that in about another week, life will be right back to normal.  The crowds at the gyms will start to dwindle down to more tolerable levels; the organic foods section at your store will be well-stocked each time you visit and the nicotine patch industry will inevitably level itself out.  The fact is that people love talking about changes that they are going to implement in the new year but without fail, those changes rarely (if ever) end up sticking and this extends to both personal and professional endeavors. 

Risk Aversion in eDiscovery: No Longer Cost Containment’s Red-Headed Stepchild

Posted 10/21/15 2:41 PM by Andrew Bayer

When it comes to eDiscovery, the conversation today still revolves heavily, if not wholly, around containing costs and gaining predictability into what many perceive to be a painstakingly arduous and overly burdensome process. As the sheer volume of electronically stored information (ESI) continues to rise by the second with an estimated growth rate of 40% annually, maintaining that pace for the next decade or more, (see ECC’s: The Digital Universe of Opportunities: Rich Data and the Increasing Value of the Internet of Things), it should come as no surprise that the costs associated with searching, sorting, culling, reviewing, and producing this information are on the rise as well. Technologists, software manufacturers, service providers and a whole host of others have taken aim at this Big Data “problem,” focusing their efforts on offering defensible, technology-enabled approaches for corporations and their outside counsel to effectively and efficiently pour through this data in order to affirmatively defend their cases based on legal merit and not sheer cost. But with all of this talk and focus on cost alone, a major concern that is inherent to the discovery process seems to take a back seat: risk.

Insights from the 2015 General Counsel Forum

Posted 07/1/15 3:00 PM by Andrew Bayer

Inventus has long supported some of the most forward-thinking and reputable thought leadership conferences, forums and programs in the legal space. The recent General Counsel Forum presented by The Consero Group LLC in San Francisco was no exception. During the two and a half day event, General Counsel from over 75 corporations of varying industrial sectors, sizes, and legal profiles came together for insightful panel presentations led by their peers. It was truly a unique event, in that it brought together like-minded individuals and was driven by a sense of collaboration, rather than the typical, sit down and let the experts preach experience. It was precisely this collaborative environment that led to some of the best insights and feedback that I have been able to gain in my more than ten years in this industry, and it is this insight that I would like to expound briefly upon.

How Technology Helps & Hinders the Discovery Process

Posted 02/17/15 11:06 PM by Andrew Bayer

In a continued effort to offer innovative and thought-provoking insight and educational opportunities to our clients, Inventus hosted a collaborative MCLE presentation on Tuesday, January 20th, entitled: Taming the Technology Dragons: How to Harness Technology to Work Smarter. The event was attended by over thirty San Diego based attorneys and paralegals that represented a very diverse mix of in-house counsel from large corporations to public entities as well outside counsel from both Big Law and boutique firms.


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