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Chad Riley

Chad Riley
Chad Riley is a Solutions Consultant with Inventus and consults with both law firms and corporate clients to design case appropriate eDiscovery workflows and pricing models. Prior to joining the provider side of the eDiscovery industry in 2013, Chad was a commercial litigation attorney and eDiscovery consumer dealing with many of the same issues his clients now face. He has effectively translated this hybrid attorney/provider experience into reduced discovery costs and time for his clients.
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Technology Assisted Review in Government Investigations: Where Are We Now?

Posted 08/3/17 3:00 PM by Chad Riley

eDiscovery comes in many shapes and sizes and some practice areas are naturally more subject to dealing with data intensive production requests than others. One such area is government investigations. Whether it is an investigation led by the DOJ, SEC, FTC or any of the other myriad Federal or state agencies, being on the receiving end of a government inquiry often means having to collect and make sense of an exorbitantly large amount of data.


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