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Claudine Schardijn

Claudine Schardijn
Claudine Schardijn is a Ediscovery Project Manager at Inventus. She has over 19 years of experience in the ediscovery industry. As a member of Inventus’ Discovery Solutions Team, Claudine acts as a primary point of contact with clients to deliver services related to e-discovery. She directly oversees, coordinates, and tracks project progress and workflow from initiation to production for multiple projects. In addition, she serves as an e-discovery consultant who plans and strategizes with clients on how to leverage various technologies to accomplish their project goals.
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Will the use of artificial intelligence replace lawyers?

Posted 04/11/17 10:14 PM by Claudine Schardijn

Legal technology is continuously increasing efficiency and keeping costs down, but will it ever take the place of a lawyer? Artificial intelligence is changing the way lawyers practice law and Artificial Intelligence platforms are affecting how tasks are accomplished.


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