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Cross Border Litigation - An Inventive & Unified Approach

Posted 11/1/18 4:00 PM by Justin Tebbe

The world has never had a more truly global economy than present day.  We are able to order goods and services from practically any country and have it all shipped to our doorstep in a matter of days - exactly what we want, when we want it.  We are able to invest in growing economies, and there are new forms of currency being developed to make trading goods and services even easier.  So what does this mean for companies wanting to expand into new markets and do business outside of their home country?  These businesses will be subjected to many new regulatory, civil and criminal laws to which they must comply, as well as observing cultural differences, in order to start and maintain their business in the new market. Finding answers or even simple guidance in these matters can be challenging enough, but ending up in litigation due to oversight could be catastrophic.  For eDiscovery- having to learn new systems for the review of data, and understanding the various capabilities and organization of those systems, can pose additional challenges and unnecessary frustration that can lead to delays; or other issues that can be costly in more ways than just money.


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