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Quan Luc

Quan Luc
As a senior project manager at Inventus, Quan provides creative solutions and strategies for clients facing complex electronic discovery demands. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College, a Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon and her Juris Doctorate from UCLA School of Law. She practiced as an associate attorney, specializing in antitrust and large-scale civil litigation matters, after being admitted to the California Bar. Prior to joining Inventus, she led and managed reviews of large-scale electronic discovery projects.
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Not Just the Book, but Its Cover

Posted 03/15/17 4:10 PM by Quan Luc

Typically, the first question that comes up when your client receives a request for production is “what is the scope of the responsive documents to produce, in order to comply with the discovery request?” However, at least in one California court, not only does it matter what you provide in response to a discovery request but in what format you produce ESI.

In “Silicon Valley” versus in the Real World

Posted 09/15/16 8:09 PM by Quan Luc

In the episode, “Binding Arbitration,” from the HBO television show “Silicon Valley,” Thomas Middleditch, the founder of Pied Piper and Gavin Belson, the CEO of Hooli, agreed to participate in binding arbitration to resolve their pending litigation issues. 


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