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Thom Siblo

Thom Siblo
Thom has acted as lead PM on well over 100 matters during his seven years managing eDiscovery projects. He routinely serves as the lead PM on many of Inventus’ critical client projects for our clients—most of which are high-stakes government investigations or civil litigation. He worked for Stroz Friedberg prior to joining Inventus and is licensed to practice law in New York.
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The Changing Face of Early (and Late) Case Assessment

Posted 06/9/17 8:37 PM by Thom Siblo

As the eDiscovery space evolves into an increasingly crucial component of litigation and the legal industry as a whole, the faces and concepts of yesteryear are beginning to change. There was a time not that long ago when the phrase Early Case Assessment (“ECA”) conjured visions of marginally helpful concept wheels, and limited search functionality coupled with long lag times between searching and the ability to review the data.

How to Make Your eDiscovery Heart Grow Fonder in 2016

Posted 02/17/16 7:58 PM by Thom Siblo

While eDiscovery may be one of the least amorous topics to write or think about, a recent conversation between project managers at Inventus had us all in agreement about how needlessly complicated eDiscovery can be and that in order to deliver efficient and exemplary customer service we often use the principle known as “KISS” with regards to our workflows and eDiscovery strategies. KISS being the acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and not the entity known to “Rock and Roll All Nite.” With that in mind and with Valentine’s Day just behind us, we decided to cull a KISS acronym specifically for how to keep your eDiscovery matters on track in 2016.


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