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What Makes Discovery Truly International?

Posted 07/22/19 11:00 AM by Sarah Brown

Many eDiscovery providers claim to be “international,” “global,” or “worldwide.” But many are US-founded, US-based, and at their core, US-centric. Given the unique litigation landscape within the United States, this is not unexpected – however an entirely US-centric approach to discovery work can have detrimental effects on litigation projects conducted for clients in (or doing business in) the UK, Europe, or Asia.

If providers aren’t mindful, they can easily bring a skewed perspective to their work – favoring US-centric discovery workflows, US-centric language, and a US-centric cultural approach to client relationships. 

That’s why Inventus is set up with not just offices all over the world, but dual headquarters in both London and Chicago – to ensure we bring a diversity of cultural perspectives and workflow approaches to every single discovery project.




Interview: Paul Mankoo of Inventus on truly international discovery from Chris Dale on Vimeo.


To that end, Paul Mankoo, our CEO – who is based in London – sat down recently with Chris Dale, of the eDisclosure Information Project, to talk about what it is exactly that makes an eDiscovery provider truly “international.” Watch the full interview above!


Interested in learning more about multinational litigation and discovery? We recently conducted a webcast on the topic, “Accelerating International eDiscovery: The Challenges of Multilingual Litigation.” Click below to watch the recording!


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