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5 Most Famous Cases of Industrial Espionage

Posted 01/26/17 5:12 PM by Alisa McLellan

 “Nothing but my curiosity could have prompted to such researches…minute description of all that concerns this kind of work might, somehow, be useful in Europe.”

—Words of Father Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles, as he concluded his account in which he revealed the trade secrets of the makers of Chinese Porcelain, which he acquired while working with the kilns and craftsmen of the industry.

Geeking Out: A Personal Journey to A Career in Technology

Posted 01/19/17 5:38 PM by Andrew Silberberg

In 1999, my father took me to Macworld in San Francisco. Being more of a sports enthusiast and less of the techie type, I reluctantly agreed to the five-hour drive north. Wouldn’t I be completely out of my element? My sports heroes certainly wouldn’t be there. Would other attendees, those who do love technology, be able to spot my outsider status?

Don't Be So Gullible McFly. . .

Posted 12/22/16 2:45 PM by Scott Robinson

So here we are 10+ years out from the initial 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that were enacted to address discovery around ESI. Those ten plus years have been a wild ride wrought with slow adoption, ill-preparedness, and missteps by many, with a select few making the case law headlines.

The Millennial Impact on eDiscovery

Posted 11/30/16 7:10 PM by Trisha Anderson

According to the Census, there are over 83 million millennials in the US, making up over ¼ of the nation’s population. The growth of this demographic has made an inevitable impact on the number of millennials currently in the workforce. By the year 2020, millennials will account for 46% of the workforce.

Technology and the People

Posted 11/22/16 2:36 PM by Will Patterson

In a world of ever changing and evolving technology, our daily lives are inundated with the latest and greatest of what is the fastest and most efficient. While on my last trip to San Francisco I paused for a moment and couldn’t help but notice all the technology being developed and used around me. People were talking about the newest iPhone, devices with voice recognition, and cars that drive and park themselves. 

Digital Responsibility

Posted 10/25/16 9:44 PM by Kyle Wachter

There is something rather peculiar that is going on in our industry that I find rather alarming: Many people are not taking responsible measures when handling data.  Firms and corporations are still handing over data haphazardly, people are using the same flash drives for both work and personal use, and client emails are still being loaded into Outlook for review. 

The Importance of Corporations Selecting Their eDiscovery Vendor for Matters Requiring ESI

Posted 10/10/16 3:00 PM by Jason Penrose

Corporations ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies still oftentimes defer to outside counsel to select their eDiscovery vendor when one is required for active litigation. Why, you may ask? That’s a great question and one that needs to be addressed, since there are drastically different selection criteria between a corporation and a law firm when choosing an ESI vendor.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Posted 09/26/16 1:14 PM by Ron Couden

Remember the AT&T commercial with the slogan “Reach out and touch someone, reach out and just say hi?” That commercial came out in the early 1980’s in an effort to promote long distance phone calls.  If I worked for AT&T, I would have them bring back that campaign. 

In “Silicon Valley” versus in the Real World

Posted 09/15/16 8:09 PM by Quan Luc

In the episode, “Binding Arbitration,” from the HBO television show “Silicon Valley,” Thomas Middleditch, the founder of Pied Piper and Gavin Belson, the CEO of Hooli, agreed to participate in binding arbitration to resolve their pending litigation issues. 

Five Ways a Digital Caddy Can Help Your E-discovery Game

Posted 08/26/16 8:14 PM by Tony Scavera

 In a lot of ways, e-discovery is like golf: the pressure is on, the rules are confusing, equipment can be expensive, and penalties are severe. Professional golfers don’t compete without caddies, and neither should corporate legal departments.


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