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The Singularity is Near, But Not Just Yet

Posted 08/11/16 6:35 PM by Alex Jacobs

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  - Mother Teresa

Much has been said about how technology is going to disrupt the practice of law. While there have been many advancements to date, a promise of new software on the horizon always creates a paradigm shift in how attorneys manage litigation. In the very reactive business of litigation, thinking ahead and trying to be proactive can be challenging.

BYOD: The E-discovery Implications of a “Bring Your Own Device” Policy in the Workplace

Posted 08/5/16 7:29 PM by Sarah Sawyer

The use of mobile devices in the workplace is an ever-evolving practice.  When organizations first started taking advantage of increasing mobile technology, particularly cell phones and laptops, most implemented “Company Owned, Personally Enabled” (“COPE”) policies.  The mobile device remained the property of the organization, and the employee used it primarily for work-related tasks.  With COPE, the type and scope of mobile devices can be restricted, affording the organization the ability to fully understand the technology of a limited number of devices and thus providing them with predictability when the data stored on those devices becomes discoverable.  

The Billable Hour: How to Make Your Legal Operations More Efficient

Posted 07/6/16 8:57 PM by Tom Spaulding

The legal industry has long been accused of being a model of inefficiency. It’s easy to see why: the foundational metric -the billable hour - dictates that the more time something takes, the more revenue is accrued.

Opposing Production Received…Now What?

Posted 06/27/16 9:30 PM by Alisa McLellan

Your opposing counsel has just delivered a production volume. You could just hand it off to your vendor or project manager to get it loaded into your review platform ASAP.  Before having it loaded, however, some items to note might include:

Collection: A Look at Different Approaches to Cut Cost

Posted 05/27/16 8:56 PM by Matthew Flickinger

With the proliferation of data, we are often asked to perform collections at the request of client’s and/or their counsel. These collections can be performed in a variety of ways, but the scope and type of collection always drives the overall processing, hosting, review, and production costs. So what’s the best collection strategy for reducing discovery costs while fulfilling your client’s discovery obligations? Is it the broad collection approach, the targeted collection methodology, or the hybrid approach?

Ed's Top Ten "Reveal Codes"

Posted 05/4/16 7:00 PM by Ed Fiducia

 During a recent presentation to a client, the conversation turned to all of the advancements in “technology” that we have used for litigation support over the past couple of decades. I put the word “technology” in quotes because it wasn’t all that long ago that the “state of the art” for document review involved post-it tape flags (red for privilege, green for responsive, etc.), typewritten privilege logs and mechanical Bates® stamps (I still have mine).

Service Still Plays a Role

Posted 04/15/16 7:05 PM by Al Sisemore

Service… It’s a simple word we all know and have used thousands of times in the past. However, for many of us, service is more than a word. As consumers, we attach an adjective to it (terrible, average or great) and it will be an important factor when deciding how or where we spend our money. We consider it when choosing a restaurant for the evening or where to buy a new automobile, which stores we shop at or which airlines we decide to fly. For most consumers, I would guess that it plays a critical role in our decision-making process.

How to Choose Your Ediscovery Bracket

Posted 03/31/16 5:27 PM by Megan Rowland

Recently a co-worker asked me, “How do you pick the teams that will move forward in your March Madness bracket?” I replied, “A lot is good guessing mixed in with strategy based on prior performance.” I realized this approach could also be applied to data culling in eDiscovery.

The Cloud: Legal Professionals Still Seem Skeptical

Posted 03/23/16 3:00 PM by Matt Masterson

The results of a recent survey of 148 legal professionals conducted during Legal Tech New York found that 2/3 of these respondents were “concerned” or “very concerned” about using cloud-based applications. This is consistent with some of the conversations I have had with lawyers or legal technology professionals who relay that their corporate clients are driving part of this skepticism - some even forbid the use of the cloud. When you dig into the survey, there are additional reasons for this skepticism which include the fear of the inadvertent disclosure of data (64%), and the potential theft of intellectual property (39%). However, I believe that underlying much of this fear is the apparent lack of control one feels when not keeping data on internal systems.  

Heralding Spring

Posted 03/14/16 4:19 PM by John Gengo

We are closing in on that time of year again.  Here in the Northeast, the trees start to bud, the birds return and we all finally shed our heavy coats.  Sidewalks are filled with joggers, bikers, and families out for a stroll.  Yes, Punxsutawney Phil and the crew at Gobbler’s Knob gave us great news that an early spring is upon us (hat tip to Staten Island Chuck for confirming the news), but the greatest harbinger of spring, for some, is March Madness. 


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