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Service Still Plays a Role

Posted 04/15/16 7:05 PM by Al Sisemore

Service… It’s a simple word we all know and have used thousands of times in the past. However, for many of us, service is more than a word. As consumers, we attach an adjective to it (terrible, average or great) and it will be an important factor when deciding how or where we spend our money. We consider it when choosing a restaurant for the evening or where to buy a new automobile, which stores we shop at or which airlines we decide to fly. For most consumers, I would guess that it plays a critical role in our decision-making process.

How to Choose Your Ediscovery Bracket

Posted 03/31/16 5:27 PM by Megan Rowland

Recently a co-worker asked me, “How do you pick the teams that will move forward in your March Madness bracket?” I replied, “A lot is good guessing mixed in with strategy based on prior performance.” I realized this approach could also be applied to data culling in eDiscovery.

The Cloud: Legal Professionals Still Seem Skeptical

Posted 03/23/16 3:00 PM by Matt Masterson

The results of a recent survey of 148 legal professionals conducted during Legal Tech New York found that 2/3 of these respondents were “concerned” or “very concerned” about using cloud-based applications. This is consistent with some of the conversations I have had with lawyers or legal technology professionals who relay that their corporate clients are driving part of this skepticism - some even forbid the use of the cloud. When you dig into the survey, there are additional reasons for this skepticism which include the fear of the inadvertent disclosure of data (64%), and the potential theft of intellectual property (39%). However, I believe that underlying much of this fear is the apparent lack of control one feels when not keeping data on internal systems.  

Heralding Spring

Posted 03/14/16 4:19 PM by John Gengo

We are closing in on that time of year again.  Here in the Northeast, the trees start to bud, the birds return and we all finally shed our heavy coats.  Sidewalks are filled with joggers, bikers, and families out for a stroll.  Yes, Punxsutawney Phil and the crew at Gobbler’s Knob gave us great news that an early spring is upon us (hat tip to Staten Island Chuck for confirming the news), but the greatest harbinger of spring, for some, is March Madness. 

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) Formally Endorsed by the English High Court

Posted 03/8/16 4:59 PM by Nicola Avery-Gee

Pyrrho Investments Limited & Anr v MWB Property Limited and Others [2016] EWHC 256 (Ch)

A recent decision in the English High Court has endorsed the use of technology assisted review for a large disclosure exercise. This is a landmark case for e-discovery providers and one that will encourage sceptical English litigators to move with the times and embrace the advances in this field.

How to Make Your eDiscovery Heart Grow Fonder in 2016

Posted 02/17/16 7:58 PM by Thom Siblo

While eDiscovery may be one of the least amorous topics to write or think about, a recent conversation between project managers at Inventus had us all in agreement about how needlessly complicated eDiscovery can be and that in order to deliver efficient and exemplary customer service we often use the principle known as “KISS” with regards to our workflows and eDiscovery strategies. KISS being the acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and not the entity known to “Rock and Roll All Nite.” With that in mind and with Valentine’s Day just behind us, we decided to cull a KISS acronym specifically for how to keep your eDiscovery matters on track in 2016.

Why Being Global Matters: Cross-border Litigation on the Rise for 2016 and Beyond

Posted 02/12/16 9:32 PM by Whitney Lawson

Cross-border litigation is increasing at a rapid rate as companies expand globally and data multiplies exponentially. The United States will continue to be the largest region for discovery related expenditure, but by 2019, Europe will comprise almost 23% of the market, and Asia will have just over 7%, according to a recent survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC). This significant increase in electronic discovery abroad is driven in part by the factors below.

Rule 26(b)(1): What’s the big deal?

Posted 02/4/16 9:01 PM by Clint Williams

With the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, affectionately known as FRCP, having gone into effect on December 1st, 2015, I thought that it might be a good time to take a look at the much-discussed change to Rule 26(b)(1). Many have argued that the changes to this rule regarding proportionality will have a significant impact on discovery costs by limiting the scope of discovery while others believe that it will have little or no discernable impact.

A New Year Resolution: Real-Time Insight into Your eDiscovery Spend

Posted 01/21/16 5:22 PM by Andrew Bayer

With the New Year well underway, it’s abundantly clear that 2016 is going to be different and that this is the year that people will actually accomplish their resolutions.  The gyms are already packed; organic foods are flying off the shelves of local grocery stores; nicotine patch manufacturers are witnessing a spike in revenue; this really must be the year that change will occur and not just occur but last!  Well, I hate to be the naysayer here but history indicates that in about another week, life will be right back to normal.  The crowds at the gyms will start to dwindle down to more tolerable levels; the organic foods section at your store will be well-stocked each time you visit and the nicotine patch industry will inevitably level itself out.  The fact is that people love talking about changes that they are going to implement in the new year but without fail, those changes rarely (if ever) end up sticking and this extends to both personal and professional endeavors. 

Technology: Both a Safeguard and a Timesaver When it Comes to Redacting

Posted 12/16/15 5:53 PM by Whitney Lawson

There is a significant nexus between data privacy and e-discovery that grows more pronounced as the volume of data being produced multiplies exponentially.  A recent law firm survey concluded that workload for attorneys has increased by 58% in the last six months and that much of this increase is driven by federal and regulatory investigations and growing data volumes in both size and scope.  Within these large data sets there is often times confidential information in the form of personal identifiable information (PII).  The definition of PII varies by jurisdiction, but is generally recognized as sensitive information that should be safeguarded from unnecessary disclosure and dissemination in the discovery process.


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