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Know your ABCs, Know your Data

Inventus and Euclid Law London have teamed up to write a series of articles highlighting what companies and their legal and compliance teams need to know about the use of technology in competition law as well as guiding on how to tackle each step and overcome the challenges that come with it. Download the first article written by Inventus' Jérôme Torres Lozano, Director of Professional Services, and Euclid's Marie Leppard, Partner, as they go over the ABC's of knowing your data. 

Diversity in the Legal Profession: From Rhetoric to Reality

Despite what can feel like major wins in diversity and inclusion in the legal profession in recent decades, current statistics paint a bleaker picture:

  • • More than 88% of lawyers in the U.S. are white
  • • Of managing partners at law firms, only 4% are women
  • • 96% of law firms state that their highest paid partner is male
  • • In major law firms, only 3% of associates and less than 2% of partners are black

In this webcast, you’ll hear from leading lawyers who are breaking new ground and implementing innovative programs at law firms and multinational corporations all over the world to erase biased hiring and professional practices.

Bringing Discipline to Data Disorder: The Case for eDiscovery Managed Services

The rise of BYOD (bring your own device) policies at workplaces means that data is duplicated in ever-growing places. And, BYOD policies are often not closely managed. What does this mean? Ballooning data volumes leads to ballooning costs - and, worryingly, ballooning litigation and accompanying eDiscovery costs. Savvy legal teams are moving to a single eDiscovery platform that:


Learn from Inventus' Senior Director of Project Management, Alisa McLellan how to best measure success in eDiscovery. In this interview, we talk about evolving billing tactics in the legal field and how Spotlight can help!

MCC: Late Case Assessment

Learn now about the enhanced process for vetting early (and late) case assessments seamlessly. As the world transitioned from the paper to the electronic discovery phase, early case assessment became more the act of examining data before starting formal discovery. You won't want to miss Inventus' Thom Siblo's insight on the matter, as a team-lead at Inventus he's handled 100's of matters during his seven years managing e-discovery projects.


As mobile technology has become more accessible, COPE has become increasingly difficult to enforce. Here are some important questions to address in a BYOD framework so that an organization can act defensibly to identify, preserve and collect data from its employees’ mobile devices.


In this interview, Al Sisemore of Inventus and Janelle Eveland Belling of Perkins Coie discuss their strategies on delivering successful and efficient outcomes to their clients.



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