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Global Privacy in the Age of COVID-19: Navigating Unprecedented Change

In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, will public health imperatives change best practices for handling PII/PHI in a world of targeted and aggressive data breaches?

Global companies have been intently focused on complying with the broad data privacy mandates of the GDPR and preparing for stricter compliance regulations in the United States as the effective date of the California Consumer Privacy Act looms.

Cross your Techs and Dot your A.Is! (Artificial Intelligence in the World of Compliance)

Inventus and Euclid Law have teamed up to write a series of articles highlighting what companies and their legal and compliance teams need to know about the use of technology in competition law as well as guiding on how to tackle each step and overcome the challenges that come with it. Download the second article written by Inventus' Rebecca Cronin, Director of Technical Solutions, and Euclid's Marie Leppard, Partner, as they go over the use of AI technology in compliance and outside of compliance.


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