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Bringing Discipline to Data Disorder: The Case for eDiscovery Managed Services

Posted 11/5/19 4:35 PM by Inventus

The rise of BYOD (bring your own device) policies at workplaces means that data is duplicated in ever-growing places. And, BYOD policies are often not closely managed. What does this mean? Ballooning data volumes leads to ballooning costs - and, worryingly, ballooning litigation and accompanying eDiscovery costs. Savvy legal teams are moving to a single eDiscovery platform that:


          - Keeps organizational data together
          - Saves money through holistic pricing models that allow for economies of scale
          - Gives access to those experts that need it; and
          - Restricts access to users who DO NOT need access to data


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Inventus is a leading international eDisclosure management provider focused on helping clients reduce the costs and risks associated with the disclosure process through the effective use of technology solutions. Its Luminosity technology provides an overlay to industry-standard software to provide unique analysis and insights, creating a more strategic, lasting relationship with its 1,200 clients. Since 1991, Inventus has been providing litigation support services to corporate legal departments, law firms and government agencies. Inventus is an international company with operational headquarters in downtown Chicago. More information is available at


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